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February Photo Challenge

t's finally February, so it's time to get your camera ready to begin this month's photography challenge. Let's take lots of new photos, take them from different angles and capture life's great moments.

Accept the Challenge The concept is to capture your everyday life. No rules. Photograph to your heart's content. Use these photo prompts as literally or figuratively as you like. It's YOUR project.

Download this month's challenge list, and click away everyday. Have fun!

Share- Tag them on social media with the hashtags #opcandidschallenge and #photoaday (Be sure to follow on Instagram @operationcandids and on Operation Candids Facebook Page)-Share them here in the comments section

Each month I will post a new list of inspiration

for honing your photography skills.

I look forward to seeing your photos, as well as showing mines

at the end of February!

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