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January Photo Challenge

Whoo! In just a few days, we're starting a new month - a new year! Making our entrance into 2019 with creativity, I'm inviting you to join the challenge of capturing a memory every single day.

Accept the Challenge Everyone is welcome to join. Download this month's challenge list. Save it as your phone background picture, set reminders in your phone for each day, or print it for quick reference.

Take a Photo Every Day Be creative as you like! There's absolutely no wrong way to use the prompts! Make it YOUR unique project, and have fun!

Share No pressure, but feel free to share your photos during your journey or after each month's challenge. Just leave them in the comments below or share them on social media - don't forget to tag your pictures with the hashtags #opcandidschallenge and #photoaday so we can find them to comment and like.

Will you be taking on the challenge? Feel free to comment and share your photos!

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