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LA Art Show 2019

Over the weekend, the longest running venue for Modern/Contemporary & Classical Art


took place between January 24-27, 2019. It was my second year attending, and it's truly an amazing event.

The Los Angeles Art show is considered one of the most prestigious art experiences in the United States.

In its 24th year, the Los Angeles Art show was booming with new, exciting and inspiring art from over the world.

There is an utmost joy to be immersed in a diverse arena of colors, textures, mediums, compositions and artist.

From this year's art show, I've posted a few pieces that really captured my attention.

Showcasing diversity and utmost creativity, the Los Angeles Art show is an event that I would highly recommend attending.

Save the dates for its 25th Anniversary - February 5-9, 2020.

What art show have you recently attended? Which art show would you recommend attending?

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